Renegade at Kenyon Hall

The Renegade show will be held at Kenyon Hall a small music, and vaudeville style show, venue. For details on the venue see this West Seattle Blog Post. It is located at;
7904 35th Avenue SW, 
Seattle, WA 98126

Doors Open at 10:00pm
Show will not start before 11:00pm

Here are the the directions to Kenyon hall.

There are 3 options given;

  • The northern route is mostly interstate, large roads and goes through the most commercial areas.
  • The highlighted route is the most direct route. It is mostly secondary arteries through residential neighborhoods.
  • The southern route has the fewest turns and is major arteries all the way.

We will be providing some beer, drinks and a few snacks. You are welcome to bring your own and hopefully some to share.

If you want a full meal before the show, you can get good food in the Georgetown neighborhood which is 1 minute drive from the festival. Some of the better ones are Smarty Pants, Jules Maes, Fonda La Catrina, and Flying Squirrel Pizza Co. A little further out there is I <heart> Teriyaki, Katsu Burger, and Kauai Family Restaurant. A useful link: Georgetown restaurants near SANCA

The show will be a late-night event. There may be content in the show that is not “family friendly”.

As with the rest of the festival, Kenyon Hall is cheap but not free. We will be passing the hat to help cover our expenses.

Without our host this would not be possible

A huge shout out to SANCA for stepping up and hosting this festival. We have searched for several years for an affordable space to hold a juggling festival. Then we heard that SANCA had been thinking about how to reach out the to juggling and flow arts community. We had a few meetings and made the arrangements that will make this festival possible.

The Cascade Jugglers look forward to working on the first Seattle Juggling Festival hosted by the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts and hope it will be the first of many.